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28ft of Bronze​

28ft of Bronze​


Breathtaking space, culinary creation and a captivate experience

Sigment Design Metals is proud to be part of Hagag Group’s prestigious project – the POP & POPE entertainment and hospitality complex, which includes a chef’s restaurant, an event and conference hall and a lounge bar. Work on the chef’s restaurant, designed by the Italian fashion house Armani Casa, included two floor-to-ceiling bronze libraries, 8.5 meter tall, in which we incorporated lighting and bronze mirrors, provided by Armani. In addition, we created a rounded bar with brass surfaces, a bronze alcohol display library and special built in brass elements.

The project’s highlight is the perimeter of the restaurant

We also manufactured 400 square meters of huge brass sliding doors that slide on tracks and create movement throughout the entire space. A bronze mesh, designed by Armani, is mounted inside the doors, offering a uniquely interesting and remarkable panoramic view of Tel Aviv.

The meticulous interior design by Perry Davidovich Architects, coupled with the spectacular location, produced this breathtaking space for events and conferences, in which we created a bronze library hanging from the ceiling next to the window.

For the colorful lounge bar, designed by Studio IM, we created ceiling railings made of aluminum steel in a black steel color, an aluminum bar in a fuchsia color and pieces of furniture.

Project: Pop & Pope – New concept space

Floor 14, HaArba’a Towers, Tel Aviv

Developer: Hagag Group

Project supervision management: I.A. Project Management and Construction Ltd., Yana Tzilman

Restaurant Planning and Design: Giorgio Armani, Italy

Architectural Coordination: Perry Davidovich

Project Manager: Architect Tomer Shapira

Event and Conference Hall Planning and Design: Perry Davidovich Architects

Project Manager: Architect Tomer Shapira

Lounge Bar Planning and Design: Studio IM

Photographer: Avshalom Levi

It was clear that only one company could meet the challenge – Sigment | Conversation with architect Tomer Shapira

The complex space is divided into three parts, the two main areas being a restaurant designed by fashion designer Giorgio Armani (with all the coordination and design made in Israel by the firm of Perry Davidovich Architects) and the event and conference hall designed by Perry Davidovich Architects. This is one of the oldest firms in the field of design and architecture in Israel, headed by Hanan Perry and Shalom Davidovich for about 35 years. The firm is engaged in a variety of projects: private homes, apartments, commercial spaces, public construction and more, with projects both in Israel and abroad.

The restaurant space, as befitting a high-end Italian design, required unique solutions that posed a number of challenges: elements of movable partitions of enormous size combined with metallic mesh fabrics, huge wine display libraries, and a drinks bar entirely clad in brass.

All the projects were executed at the highest level, meeting international standards. In addition, we faced the challenge of installing all the elements on the 14th floor of the tower.

In the event and conference space, the drinks display was designed to resemble refined jewelry, with a minimalist presence that radiates visual power.

From day one, when the sketching stage was just beginning, it was clear that only one company could meet the challenge – Sigment.

For me, Sigment means, first and foremost, work with sensitive and attentive people that are also professional, sharp, unwilling to compromise – and a process that is truly fun.

And indeed – the results speak for themselves.

Restaurant Design – Armani Casa (Coordination in Israel – Perry Davidovich Architects)

Event and conference design – Perry Davidovich Architects

Project manager – Tomer Shapira