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Technology, Industry and Art

Technology, Industry and Art

Architect & Professor Josef Fridman

The unique bronze lamp designed by the architect Professor Joseph Friedman ascends to a height of 3 meters, with unique LED sheets made especially for this project incorporated into the rounded bronze space. The lamp, that was designed for a penthouse in the city of lights, Paris, is part of a series of lamps that were designed and planned in full collaboration between architect Prof. Yossi Friedman and Sigment, that give a unique look to any space.

“Sigment also lovingly took on particularly complex projects” | Conversation with architecture Professor Joseph (Yossi) Friedman

Friedman, a professor of architecture, founded his architecture firm about 30 years ago in the United States, and has since designed a variety of public and private projects in New York, Miami and Europe. In 1996 he opened an additional office in Israel, and since then is also involved in local projects.

“A combination of technology, industry, art and progress that opens our thinking”

Meeting Albert, who is the mastermind and master-hand behind the magic of Sigment, opened a gate for us to rethink all the artistic and industrial possibilities available to us when working with metals of powerful sizes.

In the first project, we began by designing lighting poles on an unusual scale. Sigment’s unique ability to “cut” the metals allowed us to produce lighting with unique textures that can be super classic, with innovative and modern work.

Sigment lovingly welcomed every design challenge we posed, did not limit or curb us. Since this was a project at an impossible height and required production of dedicated lighting fixtures, Sigment initiated a very comprehensive study, working with international parties, in order to produce the hidden light sources with the dimming options that were so very important to us. The resulting lamp is original in terms of material, thinking and scale. This is a piece that cannot be copied, due to the quality of the metals, the cuts and the technology.

“Never say no”

For an architect, Sigment are the perfect partner for a project, they never say no. There is nothing that Sigment Technologies are unable to produce for us. Even when there are particularly challenging requests, they say yes, learning the challenges and solving them, with any type of metal and at any scale.


“Full partners”

Sigment begin each project with full cooperation, involvement, sharing, investment, generosity and listening. Another thing that is unique to Sigment – it is important for them to be partners in the project’s branding process, even after the production process is completed. For instance, in our lighting poles, it was important for them to name the piece and empower it and us as its creators. The reactions to the project are always positive. There is something particularly magical about such a powerful project that combines metal and lighting.

Project | Paris Penthouse

Architect | Prof. Joseph Friedman

Produced by | Sigment Design Metals