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משרדי חברת דלק 

At the entrance to the office we created a curve shaped wall on a heavy aluminum construction, and which we hung dozens of bronze tiles in 4 different shades, each tile 5 mm thick, rounded without mechanical joints using the technology specially-suited for this project. Their weight totaled 12 tons. The wall was assembled in our factory using telescopic construction according to the radius specified in the sketch. The bronze wall created an amazing contrast between the clean lines of the space with the facets and depths of the bronze, giving the space lots of character, innovation and prestige. Sigment Design Metals is proud to have taken part in this project. Project: Delek Offices Architect: Perry Davidovich Architects Photo: Eli Gross

“Working with a Sigment made the optimal realization of the idea possible” Conversation with architect Tomer Shapira

The Delek Offices project was a project I managed as part of my work with the Perry Davidovich Architects. The firm has been headed by Hanan Perry and Shalom Davidovich for about 35 years. The firm is engaged in a variety of projects: private homes, apartments, commercial spaces, public construction and more, both in Israel and around the world. “The dream I had was to create an entrance space that conveys uncompromising quality and luxury using a minimum of raw materials that together produce harmony and uniformity. After an in-depth examination of the raw materials, two colors were selected for use: white and brass metal hue. “The brass metal was chosen for the project for several reasons: the unique quality of the metal and its reflection of light back into the space, which causes the entire space to be bathed in warm and pleasant shades. “Working with a Sigment made it possible to realize the idea in the best way possible by providing constructive solutions of building the wall and ensuring a perfect fit in the site with high-quality finishes, (after examining countless samples prepared one after the other with boundless patience).” Design: Perry Davidovich Architects Project manager: Tomer Shapira