Metal Art by Sigment | Arlozorov 17 | Architect: Yael Gal

Sigment Design Metals is proud to partner in this impressive project by super designer Yael Gal. The unique bar was made of bronze rods of various sizes, of different shades and heights, designed to create a sense of depth and dimensionality, that we completed by carving out openings for submarine type 12 mm thick mirrors. In the lower part of the bar we attached brass capitones to solid wood panels, behind which the wine and cigar refrigerators were installed.

In the entrance foyer, next to the waterfall, we created a bronze beamed ceiling, and at the bottom of each bronze beam we threaded a mirror, creating a spectacular view of the waterfall reflection, as if the water was flowing over the ceiling. The overall weight of the bronze work in this project totaled 17 tons.

“I am careful to surround myself with the most creative professionals of the highest quality” | Conversation with the architect Yael Gal

“I am given the keys and a free hand”

Yael Gal, a graduate of the Shenkar Design College, has over 20 years of experience in interior design. Gal designs private homes, public buildings and luxury apartments for the country’s most affluent and influential figures, big clients overseas and foreign residents who give her full creative freedom and entrust her with the keys to their homes.

“Between interior design and a work of art”

I collaborated with Sigment in a project for the design of a private luxury apartment in Arlozorov 17, where I designed a special metal waterfall. I actually won the project thanks to the idea of the waterfall. The idea spoke to the client because I managed to hit the spot and  exactly grasp his dream. Today, as he walks by the waterfall, the view of the sea is visible from all sides through the glass walls, thus creating an unmediated, direct connection between the outside and the inside. What could be more exciting than hearing the water on the stone while seeing the dunes and the sea outside – all at the same time?

“Because I love working with top professionals, I chose Guy Sigment”

“I always make sure to surround myself with first rate and creative professionals. When I plan something, I have to challenge myself, but I also need action and adrenaline. I need the project and the teams working with me to take me high and far, and allow me to fulfill the clients’ dream and my own dream.

In the Arlozorov project, in which we created the waterfall, there was a multitude of artistic elements made of metal. Because I like working with top professionals, I chose Guy from Sigment, who is an artist metal worker from Beer Sheva that I had not worked with before. Guy was, essentially, responsible for producing all the elements made of metal in the ceiling, floor and bar of the apartment. Although this is one of the most challenging projects I have ever designed, I trusted him and he met each and every requirement with great success.

Partners in creation and fulfillers of dreams

Throughout the project, we worked in full collaboration, while I continued to add more and more layers to the design and Guy soars with me and finds ways to implement them. The bar wall, for example, went through so many stages – from a relatively simple two-dimensional wall, we reached a sophisticated three-dimensional result made of brass strips, some shiny and some not. And in order to create depth within the space, we incorporated mirrors, whose round shape is also repeated in the studs embedded in the bar cabinet.

I’m already looking forward to more joint projects!

Project: Luxurious penthouse

Interior designer: Yael Gal

Photographer: Oded Smadar