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Architect: Yael Gal  |  Metal Art by Sigment

Sigment Design Metals is proud to partner in this impressive project by super designer Yael Gal. The unique bar was made of bronze rods of various sizes, of different shades and heights, designed to create a sense of depth and dimensionality, that we completed by carving out openings for submarine type 12 mm thick mirrors. In the lower part of the bar we attached brass capitones to solid wood panels, behind which the wine and cigar refrigerators were installed.

“I am careful to surround myself with the most creative professionals of the highest quality” | Conversation with the architect Yael Gal


Architects Hagag group  |  Metal Art by Sigment

Sigment Design Metals is proud to be part of Hagag Group’s prestigious project – the POP & POPE entertainment and hospitality complex, which includes a chef’s restaurant, an event and conference hall and a lounge bar. Work on the chef’s restaurant, designed by the Italian fashion house Armani Casa, included two floor-to-ceiling bronze libraries, 8.5 meter tall, in which we incorporated lighting and bronze mirrors, provided by Armani. In addition, we created a rounded bar with brass surfaces, a bronze alcohol display library and special built in brass elements.

It was clear that only one company could meet the challenge – Sigment | Conversation with architect Tomer Shapira


Architects Delek Company Offices
Metal Art by Sigment

At the entrance to the office we created a curve shaped wall on a heavy aluminum construction, and which we hung dozens of bronze tiles in 4 different shades, each tile 5 mm thick, rounded without mechanical joints using the technology specially-suited for this project. Their weight totaled 12 tons. The wall was assembled in our factory using telescopic construction according to the radius specified in the sketch. The bronze wall created an amazing contrast between the clean lines of the space with the facets and depths of the bronze, giving the space lots of character, innovation and prestige.

“Working with a Sigment made the optimal realization of the idea possible” Conversation with architect Tomer Shapira

Technology, Industry and Art

Architects Prof. Joseph Friedman  |  Metal Art by Sigment

The unique bronze lamp designed by the architect Professor Joseph Friedman ascends to a height of 3 meters, with unique LED sheets made especially for this project incorporated into the rounded bronze space. The lamp, that was designed for a penthouse in the city of lights, Paris, is part of a series of lamps that were designed and planned in full collaboration between architect Prof. Yossi Friedman and Sigment, that give a unique look to any space.

“Sigment also lovingly took on particularly complex projects” | Conversation with architecture Professor Joseph (Yossi) Friedman