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Commercial Projects


Design Giorgio Armani
Architects Perry Davidovich
Metal Art by Sigment

POP & POPE – a new concept space.

The size and scale of the restaurant space are the highlights of this unique project – 400 square meters of huge sliding doors made of brass, that slide on tracks enabling movement throughout the entire space. A bronze mesh, designed by Armani, is mounted inside the doors, offering a uniquely interesting and remarkable panoramic view of Tel Aviv.

Developer: Hagag Group

Project supervision management: I.A. Project Management and Construction Ltd., Yana Tzilman

Restaurant Planning and Design: Giorgio Armani, Italy

Architectural Coordination: Davidovich

Project Manager: Architect Tomer Shapira

Event and Conference Hall Planning and Design: Perry Davidovich Architects.

Lounge Bar Planning and Design: Studio IM

Photographer: Avshalom Levi

Beit Hameches (Customs House)

Architects Ilan Pivko  |  Metal Art by Sigment

A prestigious project by Acro Real Estate, designed by architect Ilan Pivko: ORO Tower, also known as the Customs House, blends a work of art with a residential building.

The entire tower is clad in gold, and includes quite a few gilded interior elements – hence its name ORO (gold).

During the building’s planning and designing process, we were asked to manufacture the main lobby wall, ascending to a height of 9 meters. The wall is composed of 2 * 2 meter brass tiles that underwent a polishing process to create a gentle brushed effect and were then varnished to create texture and depth.

The tiles were connected to form the wall using our unique technology, which allows a smooth, streamlined connection without visible screws, and without adhesives.

The assembly process included telescopic construction used to ensure perfect leveling of the tiles, due to the non-standard size of each unit.

Planning and Design: Ilan Pivko Architects

Developer: Acro Real Estate

Reception Desk: Gal Gaon Collection

Photographer: Avshalom Levy

Top Audio

Architects Israelevitz  |  Metal Art by Sigment

A creative project by Dan and Hila Israelevitz Architects for the offices of Top Audio company. The architects’ brief was to produce a shape reminiscent of the membrane of a life-size speaker to which design level speakers would be connected. To address this challenge, we designed a system based on a Sigment patent. We produced a 12 mm thick aluminum ceiling and walls, with fitted hexagonal brass nets installed in some of the membranes to create shades and shadows.

The technology used was based on extrusion in the connectors and machining. The eclectic use of materials, colors and textures alongside innovative technology have made the ceiling and walls a real work of art, a design experience that even we were unable to stop admiring.

Project: Top Audio Company’s offices

Architecture: Dan and Hila Israelevitz

Supervision Management: Omer Weitz and Geva Rosenberg – wrp

Photographer: Elad Gonen


Architects Roy David  |  Metal Art by Sigment

A trail of 555 brass lamps assembled to create an eclectic flow.

We produced square lamps in 8 size types, with each type receiving one side of a LED lighting, and each lamp installed using a brass cable at varying heights hanging from a  concealed ceiling.

Interior Design: Roy David

Lighting Designer: Tzach Cohen

Manufacturer: Sigment

Hotel Fabric

Architects Yoav Messer  |  Metal Art by Sigment

Fabric – a six-story building that was built in 1942 as a sewing workshop/factory, and in the early 1980s was turned into an office building (on the left). When it was converted into a hotel, the front concrete grid was dismantled and replaced with red silicate bricks (on the right). The windows were framed with deep black steel frames.

Photo: Amit Gosher


Architects Ilan Pivko  |  Metal Art by Sigment

Herods Hotel was a very complex project comprised of 3 main elements.

First – cladding for the elevators and concealed doors on all of the hotel’s floors and in its public spaces. The cladding was made of bronzed stainless steel, which resembles the look and feel of brass. Stainless steel was chosen due to plate length constraints: brass does not come in sufficient lengths for cladding and the use of stainless steel produced a harmonious, clean and smooth look, without any joints. Bronzed stainless steel is very resistant, both for interior and exterior applications. The cladding work, as seen in the meeting points with the floor and ceiling, conveys total precision, in line with the architect’s requirement. In order to create continuity and a harmonious look, all the concealed doors located near the elevators were also covered, thus creating meticulously fitted material continuity.

Delek Company Offices

Architects Perry Davidovich  |  Metal Art by Sigment

At the entrance to the office we created a curve shaped wall on a heavy aluminum construction, and which we hung dozens of bronze tiles in 4 different shades, each tile 5 mm thick, rounded without mechanical joints using the technology specially-suited for this project. Their weight totaled 12 tons. The wall was assembled in our factory using telescopic construction according to the radius specified in the sketch. The bronze wall created an amazing contrast between the clean lines of the space with the facets and depths of the bronze, giving the space lots of character, innovation and prestige.

Sigment Design Metals is proud to have taken part in this project.

Project: Delek Offices

Architect: Perry Davidovich Architects

Photo: Eli Gross


Architects Ilan Pivko  |  Metal Art by Sigment

Bath and room spaces – all the pieces of furniture and decorative lighting

Vanity and side tables – aluminum top painted in an old-fashioned, marble shade and look.

Vanity in the bathroom and in the room itself – creating special joints using machining to produce a constructive look that fits the required design esthetic.


Architects Liora Angel  |  Metal Art by Sigment

6 complex units made of black steel aluminum.
The units are welded at complex angles that form a closed circle between the segments, with a lighting system fitted to each segment that highlights the western element in it.
The impressive exhibit wants to simulate the superlative view of the street on a Google map.