About Us


Sigment’s first factory was established over 40 years ago by ‘Doctor’ Albert Ben-Izri in order to provide professional standard and complex solutions to the defense industry, architects and interior designers as well as private clients, in the field of non-ferrous metals (brass, copper, aluminum).

Albert Ben-Izri, who established the factory on his own, was nicknamed the ‘Doctor Metals’ due to his many years of involvement in unique projects in the field of metals – in the air, sea and land – with the IDF, as well as the US and German armies, and his involvement in the development of the Dabur class patrol boat for the Israeli Navy.

Forty years of knowledge in defense industries around the globe have contributed to SIGMENT’s cutting-edge plant which offers intelligent, creative design solutions in non-ferrous metals for designers, architects and other clients.

The plant was established by Albert Ben-Izri, and his nickname Dr. Metals has stuck  with him thanks to his many years of involvement in projects with the American army and the German army, whether in the air, land, or sea. Ben-Izri also worked with the IDF and was  involved in the development of the Dabur-class patrol boat for the Israeli navy. 

After 40 years, Ben-Izri, who deep inside is really an artist, decided to leave behind that part of his life that dealt with defense and security and combine his profound knowledge of metals with creativity and design.

The rest as they say is history. SIGMENT, in its new identity, has been operating for 15 years and is managed by Guy Ben-Izri, Albert’s son.

After 40 years, the doctor, who is actually an artist at heart, decided to close the army/defense chapter of his life, and incorporate his love of design and creation into his work. He channeled his knowledge and experience to create a unique business, that is run by his son Guy Ben Izri, in which he “sculpts” metals as only he knows, and realizes the dreams of the world’s greatest architects and designers.

Sigment’s projects are extremely diverse, and include design pieces for hotels, private homes and public buildings. The factory’s specialization in working with metals combines traditional manufacturing techniques with advanced technology, and this combination enables the creation of complex pieces, such as toe kicks, separating profiles and molding  at the highest level of quality and precision.

The company collaborates with the leading engineers in Israel and is unique in the importance it attaches to the delicate connection between the strength of the raw material and its exact evolution into a designed piece adapted to the space.

This concept adds another important layer to the final product, that is produced and designed with love for the raw materials, extensive knowledge and a deep passion for design and aesthetics, enabling multi-layered creation, with character and soul.

Sigment has business relations with the USA, France, Belgium and Sweden.

The company’s vision:

To be the leader, in the field of non-ferrous metals, in the design and architecture industry;

To focus on the company’s clients and their needs, and to develop relationships based on listening, caring and a desire to provide clients with a unique experience that combines expertise, professionalism and a precise response to their need;

To promote and cultivate technological resources alongside human resources that are at the core of our brand, while constantly nurturing the passion for innovation and intellectual, material and technological creativity.